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Sahara Traditional Waist Beads

Sahara Traditional Waist Beads

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  • Nontarnish
  • Handmade
  • Made out of authentic crystals
  • Tie on 

Our "Sahara" waist beads are made of two waist beads conjoint into one. These waist beads are non-adjustable tie-on. The length of the actual beads is about 32-34 inches with an extra 12 inches with the string. Wrap waist beads around and ties a knot 2-4 times. Once worn, these waist beads are permanent and cannot be removed without cutting them off. As your body bloats/gains weight, the waist beads will rise. As your body loses weight, the waist beads will lower. 

How to put on

1) Wrap the waist beads around your body wherever you may desire

2) Grab both ends and cross them by making an 'X"

3) Tie the string by making 2-4 knots (make sure you tie tightly!)

4) Let them sit pretty on your waist & enjoy!


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