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Sunu Body

Where are you based?

Sunu Body is based and ships from Rhode Island, America!

How fast do you guys ship?

Sunu Body ships within 1-2 business days of your order.

I'm not African American can I still use your products or is that cultural appropriation?

Yes you can! As long as you educate yourself on the culture and acknowledge where it is from, it is definitely okay to use our products.

Where do you get your products?

We buy them from vendors in Dakar, Senegal and then we export them to Rhode Island where we package and ship them.

Frequently asked questions about...

Body adornment

What are waist beads?

Waist beads are a body adornment piece worn often on your waist or hips.

What is the history of waist beads and why do people wear them?

Waist beads dates back to 15th century West Africa and are worn for many different reasons like...

1) Weight tracking- It tracks weight gain and weight loss. When you gain weight waist beads will sit higher on your waist and begin to tighten. When you lose weight they sit lower and begin to loosen.

2) Body adornment- Like other jewelry pieces, waist beads can be worn as an accessory. They also can bring confidence, encourage body positivity, and symbolize femininity & sensuality.

3) Intimacy & fertility in some cultures, certain waist beads can be worn…

- To enhance sensuality

-While trying to conceive

- During pregnancy to protect the child and mother

4) Heritage And Pride- Waist beads originated from 15th century Africa. Many people wear them as a part of their tradition or culture. Often times, black women in the diaspora will wear waist beads to connect to their ancestors and heritage.

5) Protection- Waist beads can be worn to protect oneself from the negative energies around them.

6) Rites of passage- In many cultures, waist beads are given to baby girls. The waist beads will be changed out for new ones throughout various stages of life like puberty, menstruation, marriage, and childbirth.

Do I have to be African to wear waist beads?

Like stated previously, as long as you educate yourself and acknowledge the culture behind them, you can definitely wear waist beads.

How do I put elastic waist beads on?

1) Gently (keyword gently) step into your waist beads one foot at a time

2) Slowly roll waist beads past your thighs and up to your waist/hips

3) Let them sit pretty on your waist & enjoy!

How do I put on traditional (string) waist beads

1) Wrap the waist beads around your body wherever you may desire

2) Grab both ends and cross them by making an 'X"

3) Tie the string by making 2-4 knots (make sure you tie tightly!)

4) Let them sit pretty on your waist & enjoy!

Where do waist beads naturally sit?

Waist beads naturally sit on your waist, hip hip, and hips.

Can I put my waist beads/jewelry in water?

Yes! Our pieces are made from authentic crystals and beads so they are non-tarnishable. The colors will always stay true and should never fade.


Frequently asked questions about...

Skin care

Can I use African black soap on my face?

We say yes! The soap is a really good natural cleanser for your face and can get rid of dirt and build up. But we are not doctors! Please consult with a dermatologist before using it.

What are the benefits or African black soap?

1) Moisterizies your face without making it oily

2) Helps fight acne

3) Get rids of dark marks

4) It's a natural anti-bacterial cleanser

5) Works on all skin types

6) Helps fight against aging lines

Can I use African black soap everyday?

You should not. The soap can be harsh on skin if used daily. It can become sensitive, irritated, or dry if overused. We suggest using it about three times a week with a moisterizer.

What's an African net sponge?

An African net sponge is a traditional bathing sponge, made out of nylon, and used by people in West Africa. They are almost like unravlled loofah's but more efficient.

What are the benefits of using African net scrub?

1) It dries quickly preventing mole & germs to grow

2) Lathers up easily reducing the amount of soap used

3) Stretchable giving it the ability to scrub hard-to-reach-places

4) Exfoliates your skin leaving it healthy & soft

5) Lasts up to 2 years

Can I use an African net sponge on my face?

You should not. Some people do, but studies have show the sponge is to harsh to use on your face.