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African Net Sponge (Sapo)

African Net Sponge (Sapo)

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Sunu Body African Net Exfoliate, also known as "Sapo," is a traditional cleansing scrub with roots in West Africa. Each scrub measures approximately 3.5-4 feet in length when stretched out, providing excellent reach for those hard-to-access areas. Crafted from stretchy nylon mesh, this exfoliating tool effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving your body feeling revitalized, healthy, and irresistibly smooth after each use.


100% nylon

How to use

*Upon purchase, boil the sponge for about 5 minutes to soften it up

1) Wet the net sponge

2) Scrunch the sponge in a ball

3) Lather it with your choice of soap (cough* cough* use Sunu Body's African Black Soap)

3) Scrub your body

4) To clean your back: unravel the net, grab the ends, stretch it out, and scrub in a back and forth motion

5) Rinse the net sponge with water and hang up to dry when done


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It came quick and I love the quality. ♥️

Gene Jaolay

It came in earlier than I expected and quality was just like the ones we have back home in liberia. Loved it

Gia Plante
so slay

I LOVE IT. it’s sustainable too which is great!!

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